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Travel Request Form

Reservations Policy: I understand that by submitting this form, I am requesting these travel arrangements and agreeing to the following:

All Reservations are non-changeable, non-cancelable, and non-refundable. Please verify that all information is correct please verify all information before submitting this form.

  1. A major credit card is required to guarantee reservations and cover signed-for incidentals. No reservations can be made without a valid, major credit card. PLEASE NOTE! Your credit card information MUST BE ON FILE WITH BTE in order for us to process this request! If you have not done this, PLEASE CALL before submitting a travel request. Do not submit this form if you do not have credit card information on file with BTE. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the travel request from the FORMS PAGE and fax it in.
  2. Tax, gratuities, and incidentals are to be paid in CASH directly to the hotels and are the responsibility of the traveler.
  3. Restrictions and black-out periods may apply and will vary.
  4. DO NOT CALL HOTELS OR RESORTS DIRECTLY. Any reservations placed directly with the hotel/resort are CASH reservations and CANNOT be converted to trade.
  5. For travel requests with less than 10 days notice, there may be a $25 cash fee.
  6. Because of the added charges of our national affiliates, travel requests are subject to a 15% purchasing fee, in cash, not to exceed $25.

Please understand the BTE Travel Department is not not a travel agency and books travel as available. We are not in a position to call a hotel directly to place a reservation outside of BTE. We work through brokers who then go to work with hotel managers to confirm that the hotel rooms are available on a given date.

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