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What's The Cost?

  • One-Time $295 Cash Set Up Fee.
  • 150 Trade Units For Yearly Renewal On Anniversary Date.
  • There is no additional fee to sell your products, however a minimal commission of 10%-Visa or MasterCard, 12% cash or check is charged by BTE when you buy products or services.
  • No Additional Fees Or Charges.

Business Trade Exchange supplies the client with a directory and updates the Client Directory three times a year. You receive a monthly newsletter, weekly fax and a daily email keeping you abreast of trade activity and "Haves and Wants" of other clients. We supply sales slips and Business Trade Exchange cards to facilitate your transactions. Monthly statements accurately inform you of your sales and purchases. Business Trade Exchange guarantees the trade dollar transfer when you have received authorization and deposited a signed sales slip. Personal trade brokers are assigned to your account.


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